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We write "Douja" and read "dùia". This was the name of the ancient peasant container used in the cellar to decant and contain wine. An original jug that has also inspired the name of the most famous Piedmontese mask Gianduja (Gioan d'amore, precisely because he used it directly for drinking, as if it were an oversized mug).

In Asti, say that Douja is like saying a wine party! When summer gives its last crumbs and everything around this is a real Italian winery. In the halls and courtyards of the historic buildings, the "Douja d'Or" is staged, the result of a maturity examination for wines from all the regions of Italy. To boast the ambitious stamp, the wine samples, in strictly anonymous bottles, overcome the severe judgment of the senses, from sight, to smell, to taste. To guarantee impartiality and a score the score, which must not be less than 85/100, are the experts of the Onav (National Organization of Wine Tasters).

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