Illunis is made only with Aglianico grape selected on the hill of the
The grapes after the destemming ferment in vats and the wine is aged in
barrels made of chestnut as tradition.
The smell is intense and has notes of red fruits and black pepper.
The taste is soft and the tannini are well blended and the final is lingering.

Wine making system

The wine making system is really old and it originated
in 1700 in the area of the Valle Vitulanese. The name of this processing is
“Acenata” . The grapes are cooked in a oven in terracotta pots and then
the fermentation starts in chestnuts barrels and then the fermentation
continues in chestnut barrels.
Altitude of the vineyards: 160 – 230 m s.l.m (on the level of the sea).
Implant system: Espalier.
Planting density: 2700 – 3000 plants for ha.
Production per hectare: 70 q/ha.


Game, braised, fresh cheese (ricotta), walnuts, honey and dark
chocolate flakes.
From serving: 15°/18 C
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